Steve Spain, one of two candidates for the Pima County Board of Supervisors seat in District One, touts his background as a “political pundit” as one of his credentials for office. Read some of his words for yourself. You will soon see that he lacks the maturity, temperament and basic courtesy we expect from our public servants:


2016: Steve Spain calls two local developers and one car dealer part of “the cabal that has this town by its short hairs” and claims they treat the county administrator as their “puppet.”

2020: Steve Spain takes $12,000 in campaign contributions from the same three people, which amounts to 20% of his total campaign treasury.

Sources: “Spain-ked: Pima County Election Results” Arizona Daily Independent, 11/9/16 and Campaign Finance Reports, 10/15/20 & 10/26/2020

Will not support the PAYGO program (passed unanimously by the Board in 2019) to fix our roads and offers no viable alternative plan.
-Comments on Buckmaster radio show, 10/9/20

"The same angry, shouty, uppity teens pointing their fingers at the NRA must have been too busy studying Constitutional law to have taken five minutes to befriend 'the weird kid' when he most needed to know he wasn’t alone in this world… they should let those of us adults who take safety and security seriously enough to arm ourselves worry about how to protect them from the next generation of killers, killers who will employ weapons that are truly terrifying."
The Florida Firearms Fallacy” Arizona Daily Independent, 2/26/18 (written after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL)

“Al Gore’s wet dream is the active Atlantic hurricane season, without doubt. And yet, I remain a climate change denier. Yup. The statistics are on my side.”

What’d I Miss?” Arizona Daily Independent, 9/7/17

Calls for repeal of the lauded and successful Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan, which has been in place in Pima County for almost 20 years.

-Arizona Daily Star Editorial Board forum, 9/14/20

"They want you to believe that the Civil War had one and only one cause: 'Keep the negro a slave.' Just like they want you to believe that the modern Democrat party has no interest in keeping people under its thumb. So keep tearing down statues, you imbeciles. You’re not fighting evil and you’re not doing anything meaningful. So stuff your false indignation."
What’d I Miss?” Arizona Daily Independent, 9/7/17


"Former President Barack Obama: The things you did to the Constitution during your eight-year reign of terror should land you on the permanent sex offender registry!"

What’d I Miss?” Arizona Daily Independent, 9/7/17

"The day these criminals turned eighteen, they faced a choice: Pursue citizenship and get right with the law, or perpetuate their criminal activity. Every single 'dreamer' who hasn’t undertaken the work to naturalize him- or herself-because, believe it or not, it is possible to become a citizen of these United States-is a criminal and gets no sympathy from me. Instead, I demand these illegals remunerate the people of this nation for what we’ve wasted on keeping them here."

What’d I Miss?” Arizona Daily Independent, 9/7/17

"I'm fairly sure I will never again see a politician as feckless, as witless, and as useless as @JeffFlake. That's a stack of about four- or five-hundred kinds of worthless, who doesn't have the good damn grace to step down. Longest six weeks of Arizona's life..."

@AZSteveSpain Twitter 11/15/18

"And this is why my conservative vote did not go to our terrible Governor @dougducey. The guy's a joke, just another McCain lackey. And the Arizona taxpayer gets the shaft because of it."

@AZSteveSpain Twitter 2/1/19

"And then there’s Ray 'The R.C. never stood for Republican Conservative' Carroll. You were irrelevant on the Board and you’re irrelevant now…you vile mess of sinew and spite."

What’d I Miss?” Arizona Daily Independent, 9/7/17

"Christy now replaces the ever-useless Ray Carroll as the county establishment’s token quasi-Republican rubber stamp. This, naturally, secures the position and malfeasance of Chuck Huckelberry, the nearly half-a-million-dollar-a-year puppet of Diamond, Lopez, Click, Mehl, and the other members of the cabal that has this town by its short hairs. Did we mention that Christy is Huckelberry’s hand-picked surrogate for the District 4 seat?"

Spain-ked: Pima County Election Results” Arizona Daily Independent, 11/9/16

"I’d like to share with you the words of District 5 Supervisor Richard Elias as he told you, in many, many words, what anatomical impossibilities to perform upon yourself…He is ignorant. He is arrogant. He is wrong."

Elias To Pima County Residents: Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter” Arizona Daily Independent, 3/27/17

"Richard Elias, you should know, comes off as a blowhard who very sincerely enjoys the sound of his own voice."

Sharon’s Shame” Arizona Daily Independent, 3/20/17


"You likely won’t have time to attend the meeting tomorrow to see how Chair Bronson sticks her foot in her mouth, or how she sticks her middle finger toward you."

Sharon’s Shame” Arizona Daily Independent, 3/20/17


"Somehow, there are two parties in the Republican primary for Pima County Supervisor this year: The Ray Carroll, John Winchester, Steve Christy limp-wristed, rubber-stamp, ineffective, bought-and-paid for, worthless pseudo-Republican party; and the Ally Miller, Maria Closen, John Backer fiscal-responsibility, truth-exposing, tough-fighting, independent, conservative Republican party."

How To Steal A Pima County Primary” Arizona Daily Independent, 8/26/16


"My opponents are career politicians, the establishment, owned by Huckelberry and ‘special interests.’ Don’t be fooled!"

Statement referring to Bill Beard, Rhonda Pina and Vic Williams on primary campaign mailer


"Does Pima County have a revenue problem? Revenue Rhonda sure thinks we do!"

Facebook post referring to Rhonda Pina, 6/19/20

"Radical Rex. Well, if the shoe fits…Don’t let him fool you. He may tell you he used to be a Republican, but he’s a committed radical leftist."

Facebook post referring to Rex Scott, 8/19/20

"If you feel more comfortable putting a rag over your face, go for it, but for the rest of us, don’t tell me I have to because it’s stupid."

Comment about wearing masks during the pandemic, KNST radio interview, 7/22/20

Admits to disobeying local mask ordinances designed to protect public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Says that the only place he willingly wears a mask is in church.

-Arizona Daily Star Editorial Board forum, 9/14/20


Spain used the racist term “Chinese virus” to refer to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus

KNST radio interviews on 7/22/20 and 7/29/20, Facebook video post on 8/2/20


"If there’s one thing that comes out of this that’s beneficial…I hope that parents get the idea that you can… home school kids, you can get them into private schools… micro schools… get your kids out of the public indoc system… you should do that now… I hope this is enough to tip the balance towards alternative schooling because that right there would be a beautiful benefit from all the pain we’re going through with this COVID debacle, with this Chinese virus mess."

KNST radio interview on 7/29/20

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